Sunday, February 15, 2009

Storage Cubes?

I have been trying to convert our back hallway into a makeshift mud room since we don't have any room for a proper one. I purchased a very inexpensive bookshelf to store our mittens and hats in the winter and baseball gloves, shinguards, and balls in the summertime.

I have been using dairy baskets (I think that's what they are called) --they are the baskets that gallons of milk are delivered to the stores in-- to store the equipment up until now. The upside is that they are very durable and stack well; the downside is that they are really ugly.

I have been looking for cute baskets to replace them but I haven't been able to find anything durable enough that is also inexpensive. After I saw some recovered storage cubes on a blog that I am sorry I can't find-I'll keep looking and give credit when I find it- I thought that I could just recover these to make them cute.

I purchased some coordinating upholstery fabric and pulled out my handy-dandy glue gun. I wrapped the outside of the baskets in thin batting so the texture of the basket wasn't so obvious and then started cutting and glueing to fit. I didn't use any sort of a pattern but I did line them with the opposite fabric on the inside of the basket. I am still looking for a cute ribbon that will look good on the striped basket.

This fabric coordinates so well with my living room that I was tempted to put them in there instead but I think I will cover some more, and make lids for them to store our scriptures and a few small toys for Addyson.


  1. Those are so cute!! I was really confused why you were saying you had unattractive baskets! But you meant BEFORE you covered them!!!

    I love them!

  2. Thanks! I guess my writing could really use some improvement.

  3. Steffany-
    In a few day's I'm doing a post about magnet boards. Do you mind if I feature your bathroom cupboard idea and give them a link back to your place? That is a FAB-U-LOUS idea!!! I need my husand to get on that home project right away. Let me know if it's o.k.

    -I love all of your fun ideas! Thanks!

  4. Erika-
    I would be flattered, link away!