Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thankful for Dirty Dishes?

I saw this thought for a kitchen around Thanksgiving time and it really stuck with me, I love that it makes me grateful for the little things that I have--even the chores that I am not grateful for--

I bought a couple of these plates, and think they are so pretty with vinyl on them. 

If you would like one, they are in my etsy shop.

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Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes, I was yelling! Chandler was tossing a racket ball around the living room 
(I really don't know why--I guess because he is 11 and a boy).

I was in the kitchen very calmly reminding... "do you really think that is a good idea?"... when the ball bounced off my window, my favorite window, the HOME window. I watched in horror as everything fell in slow motion. the window slid down the wall, toppled over the entertainment center, knocked the decorations over, bounced off Chandler's head (I had a hard time not telling him that it served him right), and tumbled to the floor- followed by all my decorations.

Would you believe that NOTHING broke? not even Chandler's head?

Now the window is propped against the wall waiting to be re-hung. I have got to find some stronger hardware, any suggestions? 
(I must get it hung up quickly, 
Addyson has already tried to climb it like a ladder!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Playing with my new toy.

I just got a band saw, what a fun toy that I never thought that I would need/want. I remember when I dragged my feet when my husband wanted to buy his chop saw. I am not sure, but I think that I may have used it almost as much as he has. Now I have collected more fun "toys" than he has!

My first project that I cut is these Easter Eggs. Inspiration via Lyndsey.
She has great ideas. You ought to check out her blog.

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