Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes, I was yelling! Chandler was tossing a racket ball around the living room 
(I really don't know why--I guess because he is 11 and a boy).

I was in the kitchen very calmly reminding... "do you really think that is a good idea?"... when the ball bounced off my window, my favorite window, the HOME window. I watched in horror as everything fell in slow motion. the window slid down the wall, toppled over the entertainment center, knocked the decorations over, bounced off Chandler's head (I had a hard time not telling him that it served him right), and tumbled to the floor- followed by all my decorations.

Would you believe that NOTHING broke? not even Chandler's head?

Now the window is propped against the wall waiting to be re-hung. I have got to find some stronger hardware, any suggestions? 
(I must get it hung up quickly, 
Addyson has already tried to climb it like a ladder!)


  1. Toggle bolts are great for hanging heavier decor without having to find the studs cause, let's face it' the studs are not always in the right place!
    Major 'kudos' to you for surviving your triplets! I've got 4 y.o. frat twins and they've just about killed me! Cute blog!

  2. I had the same problem with some bookshelves I hung in the kids rooms - I finally broke down and used some dry wall anchors and you can hang on those babies and they are not falling down!! They are super cheap to I think we got a set of two for $3.00 but they do leave big holes in your wall so I would make sure you hang it in a place it will stay for awhile!!!