Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I "heart" magnet boards!

One of my favorite new organizational projects is a magnet board inside my bathroom cupboard. My cute girly girls love hair bows, flowers and clippies and our drawer had been overrun with them. Searching for the right accessory sometimes took longer than the hairstyle and when I am trying to balance a 10 month old on the counter at the same can be precarious.

My fantastic husband had this one up for me very quickly with only a minimum of eye rolling (he couldn't believe that this was all for hair stuff!). I used leftover babyfood containers -I love those! for the tiny little elastics and clippies and some cute ribbon from Michaels dollar bins for the long bow holders. E6000 adhesive is my favorite for attaching plastics or glass and it worked like a charm for the magnets on the containers and the ribbons.

KC used contact cement to put the flashing right on the cupboard door and then trimmed it out with molding--it still needs to be caulked and painted, but that is for another day.

Each of my older kids also have magnet boards in their room. This isn't a great picture of the one in Cort and Chan's room but you can get the general idea. I love that they can display all of their artwork on it; they can also use dry erase markers on it but I haven't told them about that possibility. I don't need dry erase marker all over everything else. My boys love BYU so I used vinyl lettering to decorate the board.

I have seen this flashing used for backsplashes in kitchens. I love the idea of being able to stick my recipe right to the backsplash up above my workspace...hmmm maybe that will be a project for another day.


  1. Hi Steffany. Did you get the magnet boards pre-made or did you have to buy the sheet metal and frame it? Suzanne wants one for Ella's room but Roberts doesn't sell sheet metal squares anymore... just pre-made unfinished frames. They suggested going to home depot and buying the sheet metal and cutting it down... is that what you did? -Richard

  2. Richard,
    I doubt that you will see this; I am sorry that I didn't notice your comment until now. I have been pretty "hit and miss" with blogging until now.

    The BYU magnet board is galvanized duct flashing attached to the wall with contact cement and then framed in with 1x6's cut to length. We purchased it in a roll at Home Depot. You just use tin snips to cut it. For a very large board this is the way to go.

    My favorite way to get it for the smaller framed magnet boards is from a heating and air conditioning shop. Most of the pieces run $1 for a 12x12 through about $4 for larger pieces. This metal is flat with really nice edges.

    I just bought some at Parley's hardware over on 1200 West in Orem last weekend. They charged me 50 cents for a 7x9" piece.

  3. Thanks for the link! I love your idea for putting a board on the inside of you cupboard door! Very clever! My boys love BYU at our house too!

  4. Good to know to purchase flashing at a H & A shop. I purchased a 24 X 48 piece of sheet metal at Lowes and it was $18.42! Thanks so much for the info! LOVE your blog.