Monday, February 9, 2009

Running on Adreneline

Although my days are fairly routine, from 4-8:30 pm is a race. Keeping all 5 kids going and accomplishing everything they need to, and still making it to bed by 8:30 requires me to have a split personality. I am a combination drill sergeant, referee, cook, housekeeper and taxi driver.

Mondays are especially wild. There is usually more homework and we are trying extra hard to save time for family night. By the time that we are ready to start our family night, I have been racing and pushing for so long that I am really not prepared for a nice calm evening; so our family nights tend to be crazy. But we keep trying.

I found a great resource for FHE lessons. This book is awesome! We especially loved throwing marshmallows at Samuel the Lamanite (KC). I picked this one up at the grocery store of all places.

During the middle of our not-so-calm Family Night, Addy was having a fantastic time.

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