Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New/Old Window

Do you remember this window? I love it! Of course I can't keep the Christmas wreaths up there. So it was time (a little while ago) for a change. I just hadn't taken a picture yet.

What do you think? 
I love being able to cut vinyl whenever the impulse hits me.

I do think I may be getting carried away, but I just can't seem to stop.

I love this font, especially when there is a shadow behind it from the sun. It is just what I imagined.


  1. Cute! Cute! But everything you do is cute!

  2. This is very cute--a great word that encompasses so much!

  3. I love this....what font is that?


  4. I have an old window that has just been sitting there - this is the cutest idea I have found :) love the I Love you blocks too!!!!

  5. Sissy,

    I am sorry, I cannot find this font again on my computer...I have no idea which one it is. I also don't know how to respond directly to you via e-mail.