Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vintage Window...Of course I want it.

My friend offered this window to me. I love the shape and so, of course, I said "yes". Unfortunately, I have very little wall space in my house, so I really wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. It has been sitting for a couple of weeks. But today I decided that I was just going to hang it up before it gets broken. I figured that I was unlikely to love the placement; but I can always change my mind.

I decided not to paint it yet, I really do like this color anyway; but I am also a little lazy...I knew that I wouldn't want to paint it again. So, I am waiting to decide for sure what I want to do with it after Christmas is over.

The only supplies that I spent money on (and I really should not have) are the wreaths. They are just dollar store specials. The rest of the supplies are from my "stash". I have had the pip berries for a couple of years, I am determined to use them this Christmas before any more explode --why do they do that?

The hardest decision for me was what color of ribbon to use; I really wasn't loving any of these, but I was NOT going to spend any more money. Which do you like? I finally settled on layering the first two ribbons.

Here it is with lights, ribbons, wreaths and berries. I would still like to hide the rest of the lights; but I do like it. I like that this part of my nativity set collection has a backdrop now.

I apologize for the picture quality, I couldn't wait to take pictures...I really wanted to finish it tonight.


  1. Very Cute! You better keep it. It looks great there.

  2. Oh my word lady! That is adorable! I never would have thought of that! It's fantastic! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Wow, I literally gasped. Love the wreaths on the window and all the twinkly lights. So pretty.

  4. This is wonderful!
    A great idea and I just 'happen' to have a window like that but it has 5 panes!

    Thanks for sharing.


    barbara jean

  5. That looks so great! I like the ribbon you picked... and it looks beautiful with the lights!!

  6. Very creative! Thanks for linking!