Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shiny Brass to a Little More Class

Our goings on lately have included completely re-doing our master bedroom. I mean ripping the yucky drywall with a ton of holes out, pulling out the lathe and plaster, adding insulation and new windows and brand-new walls. We are doing this on a shoe-string budget, so the decorating part has a 
budget of close to $0. 

We originally purchased this ceiling fan about 14 years ago when we were first married and it has traveled with us from apartment to townhouse to this house, it was a huge purchase for us then; and I remember lying in my bed admiring how pretty it was with the sparkling, shiny brass. 

Well... styles and my tastes have changed since then. I would love to throw the whole thing out and start over, but since our budget doesn't include a new fixture and I don't want a hole in my ceiling; I decided to try to transform it a bit.

I used two different spray paints, Hammered Bronze for the metal, and Caramel Latte for the blades. Since it is so very cold outside, my spray painting takes creativity. I put the metal pieces in two large cardboard boxes, shook the paint really well and took one box at a time outside to spray the pieces and raced back inside with the box, it took some juggling. 

Even moving as fast as I could, it was still too cold. I think the bubbles that form the textured finish were small and didn't spread as well as they should have. The brass still peeks out a little, but I think it gives the color some depth.

More pictures of the transformation to come later.

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  1. It turned out so cute!! Good Job.

  2. What a great idea! I really like how it turned out! Thanks for sharing the tip about what happens if you spray paint when it is cold!

  3. I feel your pain!!! we are doing that at our house. right now it's the bathroom. Had a leak under the tub. We are down to the studs. Have new plumming.

    I sent your giveaway yesterday. It went FEDEX. I sure hope it arrives in one piece. You will see all the newspaper. I hope they don't break it.

  4. Great example of updating something dated. Thanks for sharing at the Power of Paint Party!

  5. The fan in our bedroom needs a make-over as well. I can't believe ceiling fans are so expensive! Four bucks for some spray paint is a much better deal :)