Thursday, May 6, 2010

You are my inspiration Mom

Just a quick peek at what I am working on for Mother's Day.

I got the idea from Punkin Seed Productions. She has beautiful, hand painted blocks. Hand painting is not my forte' so I used vinyl. 

Check out the background for my picture, I thought it looked kinda cool. It is the waxed paper that I paint on. After years of using paper to protect my table, my friend mentioned that she uses waxed paper. It is awesome! I don't have to deal with paper sticking to my projects! and nothing soaks through. It works great for stain, mod podge, paint... 

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  1. How pretty! Such a great gift idea! I did something similar for a Hanukkah sign and I would love to try another one for an upcoming holiday.

  2. Very nice. I love the colors you used.