Friday, May 7, 2010

Love at Home Vinyl

I am noticing hints of this pretty patina blue creeping into my home. I love this color, and I love the freshness that it adds to my red, green, brown home.

This vinyl design is one that I put together for my friend's cub scout group. They are planning to put it on small wooden plaques for Mother's Day. I had just one left, so I grabbed a black frame, spray painted it and added the paper behind. The vinyl is on the glass. I like the shadowbox effect. Once I had it finished, I had to tone the blue down just a bit with a little brown ink and a sponge.


  1. Looks great! What an wonderful idea for Mother's Day.

  2. You did awesome on this one! I am so lucky to have such a talented friend! The kids and the mom's really loved our project...AWESOME...Thanks for helping me look so good!

  3. Such a cute project!!

    I just got a silhouette and was wondering where you get your vinyl? Also, where you do find all your cute fonts?

    Love all your fun ideas!

  4. Janae,
    Thanks! I buy my vinyl from The vinyl is in the bigger rolls designed for the professional machines, but I cut off sheets 8 1/2" wide to use on my silhouette. If I ever need a long piece, I cut that, too.

    The vinyl from sign warehouse is really good quality, and works out to be cheaper than the scrapbooking vinyl that you find around.

    The fonts are all downloaded for free all over the internet. I just google free font downloads every so often and spend a little time "shopping".

    Have fun with your silhouette, I am sure you will love it! Have you discovered the silhouette users blog yet?