Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I "heart" u stacking cubes

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I "heart" stacking blocks. These are simply 4x4 posts cut into blocks, sanded, stained and decopauged with cute valentine paper and embellished with vinyl. They really should not have caused stress...unfortunately my stress level right now is really high so it doesn't take much to send me over the edge.

I did finally finish these, and I really like them. They are also for our Relief Society craft mini class.

I would love suggestions that any of you have for preventing bubbles from forming under the paper. I generally don't have a problem with this, but it was harder with this project than others I have made. I did finally come out with a nice result, but I am sure there must be a better (easier) way.


  1. They turned out so cute. Try using a little wallpaper roller or a putty knife to smooth out the bubbles. I used both and they work for me. Sorry they caused you stress but they sure are cute!

  2. You are like my crafting twin - I looked through some of your old posts and we have made a lot of similar things!! I too love magnet boards- I made them for Christmas gifts this year!! You have so many cute ideas!!

  3. These look great!! I love Valentine's crafts and these are so sweet, I especially love your color choices!!!


  4. Thanks so much for sharing these great blocks on my linky party.

  5. Have you tried wetting your paper first? Make sure the paper doesn't smear first so test a small spot (I have found that some wrapping paper smears). Just soak it in a bucket/bowl for a tad, if it curls, wait until it uncurls. Every paper is different so it is often trial and error.
    Let me know if you try it and it helps.